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Richard M. Stallman - List of Achievements and Awards

* 1953 Born in New York City

* 1970 Graduates from High School, enters Harvard University.

* 1971 Is hired by MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab as a researcher.

* 1974 Graduates from Harvard University with a BA in Physics.

* 1975 Writes first version of Emacs, the first text editor able to display text interactively as it is being edited.

* 1984 Resigns from MIT's AI Lab in protest of its growing restrictive policy on copyrights and launches the GNU Project to develop a freely distributable operating system.

* 1985 Co-founds the non-profit Free Software Foundation to manage the GNU Project.

* 1985 Begins the GNU Compiler Collection, now the most popular compiler in the world.

* 1990 Receives a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship in Computer Science.

* 1991 Grace Murray Hopper Award from the Association for Computing Machinery for development of the first Emacs editor in the 1970s.

* 1996 Honorary doctorate from the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

* 1998 Electronic Frontier Foundation's Pioneer Award for founding the GNU Project.

* 1999 Yuri Rubinsky Award, presented by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

* 2001 Honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow.

* 2001 Receives Takeda Award 2001 Techno-Entrepreneurial Achievements for Social/Economic Well-Being. Shared with Ken Sakamura and Linus Torvalds.

* 2002 Elected to the US National Academy of Engineering.

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