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How to order buttons

FSF buttons are available by at least five methods:
  • Order one from the Free Software Foundation (easy).
  • Buy one on the secondhand market (waste time looking).
  • Steal one off a friend's chest (dangerous).
  • Photocopy a friend's button (or download the source code and print the text of the button) and use your buttonmaker to make your own button (difficult if you don't have the proper equipment).
  • Create one from thin air using your psychic powers (that's cheating!)

Recent Buttons

  • "Ask me about Free Software. It's all about freedom." (2 1/4" white round with color pictures of the Gnu head, Tux and the BSD Devil.)
  • "FSF Pinball Wizard. 2002-08-14" (2 inch black on white, round, with picture of a Gnu playing a pinball machine.)
  • "FIGHT for your right to play CDs. digitalspeech.org" (smaller 1.5 inch white button with words enclosed in a blue "cartoon speaking" bubble.)

Historical Buttons

  • "Free Software: What good is Open Source without FREEDOM?" (black on yellow, rectangular) [No More Left]
  • "Free All E-Book Readers & Programmers. Repeal the DMCA!" (black on bright green, round) [No More Left]

The following buttons are all round and 5-15 years old; they all contain small or tiny text giving the copyright information and obsolete instructions on how to anonymously ftp the designs.

  • "gnuisance: GNU's Not Unix" (black on light green)
  • "GNU's Not Unix: thanx GNU" (black on yellow)
  • "Keep Your Lawyers Off My Computer" (black on white, round, with a drawing of a snake labelled "Xerox". This historical button dates from the interface patent disputes of the 1980's.)
  • "thanxGNU's Not Unix" (black on white; text is formatted to look like a gnu's horns)
  • "GnURU: GNU's Not Unix" (black on yellow)
  • "GeNiUs: GNU's Not Unix" (black on yellow)
  • "GNU" (black on yellow; copyright and distribution info printed inside the large letters)
  • "GNU" (black on white; copyright and distribution info printed inside the large letters) [No More Left]
  • "happy gnu year!: GNU's Not Unix" (black on yellow)
  • "GNUer: GNU's Not Unix" (black on light blue) [No More Left]
  • "GNU: GNU's Not Unix" (black on white; "GNU's Not Unix" quite small)
  • "GNU¢: GNU's Not Unix" (black on light blue)
  • "GNU's Not Unix: GNUist" (black on light green; "GNU's Not Unix" small, "GNUist" large)

Comments on these web pages to webmasters@www.gnu.org, send other questions to gnu@gnu.org.

Copyright (C) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.

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