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Source Code CD Set, Version 18

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2 CD Set in jewel cases
Price $45.00
May 2004

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These CDs contain source code (not binary) from the GNU Project. All official GNU programs were included, as well as a few popular non-GNU free software programs. Please Click Here to see a complete list of all the programs with their version numbers and short descriptions.

The programs were compressed using the bzip compression program, and archived with the tar archiver. UNIX binaries for bzip2, gzip, tar, and unzip are available on both the first and second CD. Windows 98 binaries for bzip2, gzip, tar, and unzip are also included.

If you require unzipped source that can be read directly off the CD without copying to your hard drive, or require an older version of a program, please check our older CD that is still in stock. Version 16, March 2002

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