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What is GNU Bayonne??

GNU Bayonne, the telecommunications application server of the GNU Project, will offer a free, scalable, media independent software environment for development and deployment of telephony solutions for use with current and next generation telephone networks. GNU Bayonne already offers a fully distributed application server for use today with multi-line telephony cards from many vendors under free operating systems.

To speed development and simplify deployment of custom applications, GNU Bayonne offers its own native script interpreter which may be directly extended thru modular DSO plugins and TGI based applications. TGI, "Telephony Gateway Interface", allows GNU Bayonne to be easily integrated with other system resources, such as Web servers, databases, and other application servers using standard and familiar tools that are well understood such as Perl, Tcl/Tk, and Python.

GNU Bayonne can be used today most completely under GNU/Linux with an ever wider selection of telephony hardware. GNU Bayonne has also been built under, and can be used with, FreeBSD and the new Voicetronix API. GNU Bayonne is highly portable and will compile under most multi-threaded POSIX operating systems, including Solaris and Unixware. As GNU Bayonne's telephony hardware and next generation media support broadens, support for functional deployment under operating systems beyond GNU/Linux will continue to increase.

An overview of GNU Bayonne system architecture is being prepared for this Web site. Many of you may already have noticed that the entire domain has been updated and that there is now a lot more interesting information being made available online for GNU Bayonne. This new Web structure should also prove much easier for me to actively maintain.


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