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GNU Classpath

Classpath::Short News
06 Sep 2005 GNU Classpath 0.18
03 Aug 2005 Generics Branch Merge Announcement
01 Aug 2005 Bugs moved to bugzilla
15 Jul 2005 GNU Classpath 0.17
30 Jun 2005 GNU Classpath 0.16
29 Apr 2005 GNU Classpath 0.15
25 Feb 2005 GNU Classpath 0.14 Base core class libraries for the GCC 4.0 (gcj) and Kaffe 1.1.5 releases.
18 Feb 2005 The gui branch is dead! Long live the gui work.

... more news


GNU Classpath, Essential Libraries for Java, is a GNU project to create free core class libraries for use with virtual machines and compilers for the java programming language.

Classpath is still a work in progress. The first public release will be version 1.0. There have been no public releases; however, pre-release source code is available via GNU's anonymous CVS server , and snapshots of the Classpath tree have been released and are available from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/classpath/


An up to date view of the current state of GNU Classpath can be obtained by looking at these resources.


GNU Classpath 1.0 will be fully compatible with the 1.1 and largely compliant with the 1.2 API specification and will have a stable API for interacting with virtual machines.

Current snapshot releases have implementations for the following packages (and some subpackages) java.applet, java.awt, java.beans, java.io, java.lang, java.math, java.net, java.rmi, java.security, java.sql, java.text, java.util, java.util.jar, java.util.zip, org.omg. Not all classes and methods are implemented yet, but most are. many of the implemented classes are already up to the 1.2 API spec. Some are already compliant with the 1.3 and 1.4 API specification (there are preliminary implementations of java.nio and javax.swing).

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