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If you want to contribute to the Hurd, you should first install and use it for a while, to become familiar with its features and design. To join the development team, subscribe to the Bug-Hurd <bug-hurd@gnu.org> mailing list, which is also the place where you can announce your intentions, make your proposals and send in your patches.

There is also the Hurd-devel-readers mailing list. It is the read-only version of Hurd-devel, an internal low-volume list restricted to the core developers of the Hurd. If you want to follow up on the discussion of the Hurd experts, please reply to the Bug-hurd mailing list. You can also follow the Hurd-devel mailing list by browsing the web-based archive of Hurd-devel.


Developing an operating system is a huge job, with a lot of different things to do. Beside all the obvious ones (writing documentation, finding and fixing bugs, optimization etc), we keep a list of specific items in the task file and in the TODO file of the Hurd source repository.

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