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Latest version

The last stable version of GNU Mach is 1.3, but it is recommended that you use the version in CVS instead, as this fixes some bugs that prevent the kernel to work on some systems.

Installation instructions

GNU Mach can be compiled or cross-compiled easily. The only package you are not likely to have installed already is MiG, the Mach interface generator. If you cross-compile gnumach, you need a cross-MiG for your architecture. You also need the static version of the C library for your host architecture, as some functions are taken directly from it. We recommend that you use the GNU C library, other C libraries have not been tested and might not work. After you have followed the installation instructions in the package and the reference manual, you should end up with a kernel binary where your boot loader can find it.

Booting GNU Mach

To actually use the kernel and boot the GNU operating system, you need a boot loader. Not all boot loaders are capable to boot the GNU system, you need one that supports the multiboot standard. The bootloader of the GNU system is GNU GRUB, which supports a broad range of operating systems including GNU/Hurd.

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