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Related Projects

The Hurd is not alone, it is inspired by other projects, and other projects have been influenced or spawned by the Hurd.

Below you can find some of the projects which are closely related to the Hurd, be it because they develop software that might be part of the Hurd system some day, be it because they support or use the Hurd in their own development.

This list is nowhere near to be complete. We recommend to follow the mailing lists to be informed about recent developments.

Some of these links are at other web sites not maintained by the FSF. The FSF is not responsible for the content of these other web sites.


  • GNU/Hurd on Alpha
  • The purpose of this project is to provide a working implementation of the GNU Hurd for the Alpha architecture.

  • The GNU Hurd on top of the L4 microkernel
  • The purpose of this project is to port the Hurd system to the L4 microkernel.


  • GNU/Hurd Wiki
  • A free speech collaboration about anything GNU and the Hurd.

    A Wiki is a platform where users and developers can create, modify and share web content dynamically, pretty much like a public bulletin board. The Wiki spelling makes it easy to create links between entries in the Wiki, creating a highly inter-connected structure within the content.

    The GNU/Hurd Wiki has everything related to GNU and the Hurd as its topic, and everyone is invited to contribute to it.

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