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What is the GNU Hurd?

The GNU Hurd is the GNU project's replacement for the Unix kernel. The Hurd is a collection of servers that run on the Mach microkernel to implement file systems, network protocols, file access control, and other features that are implemented by the Unix kernel or similar kernels (such as Linux).

If you have any news related to the Hurd project, feel free to send a news entry to web-hurd@gnu.org so that it can be added here.

What's new?

02 October 2005
Added Polish translations of What's New, The GNU Hurd, GNU Mach, and MiG by Andrzej Zaborowski.

20 September 2005
Material from the Operating System topic during the Libre Software Meeting which took place this summer is available online. Included are slides and recordings of talks by Marcus Brinkmann and Neal Walfield about the Hurd/L4 port.

22 August 2005
Added Esperanto translations of too many pages to list by Ludovic Courtès.

29 July 2005
Added a Italian translation of The GNU Hurd by Carlo Palma.

26 July 2005
Added Dutch translations of What's New and The GNU Hurd by Roan Embrechts.

28 January 2005
Marcus Brinkmann added a small web page describing the ongoing developments on the Hurd-to-L4 port.

21 August 2003
Added a link to Patrick Strasser's the Hurd Source Code Cross Reference in all the "Source code" sections.

16 July 2003
GNU/LinuxTag 2003 is now over and since there was a talk given about the Hurd, a demo GNU/Hurd machine running and the sale of Hurd t-shirts, Wolfgang Jährling decided to write a short summary of what happened there. Many thanks to Wolfgang Jährling, Volker Dormeyer and Michael Banck!

2 July 2003
The tarball for Debian GNU/Hurd that Marcus Brinkmann made over the years has been discontinued in favour of Jeff Bailey's crosshurd package. To install Debian GNU/Hurd from now on, this package should be used. Another Debian system is required to be installed on the same machine. The GNU/Hurd installation guide has not been updated yet.

14 February 2003
The GNU/Hurd User's Guide is now accessible through the Documentation section of the Hurd web pages.

18 January 2003
Gaël Le Mignot, president of HurdFr, presented the GNU Hurd on 22 November 2002 at EpX in Paris. English slides and French slides of the talk are also available.

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