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Introduction to Swbis

The swbis project is a from-scratch implementation of the POSIX spec IEEE Std 1387.2-1995 which describes a format and utilities for software packaging. The scope of the POSIX spec includes a package format, meta-data file format, and utilities for package creation, installation, query, listing, and verification.

The swbis implementation has extensions for package authentication using GPG signatures and strong cryptographic digests which are contained in the package catlog as separate ascii text files. GNU Privacy Guard is used directly by swpackage and swverify for signature creation and verification.

Other features of the swbis implementation are: direct use of the ssh client for remote host operations, GNU tar format compatibility, and, no new utility or program requirements for remote installation beyond POSIX compatible GNU utilities that are probably already present on all GNU and GNU/Linux hosts.

The swbis implementation can install RPM packages, via multiple ssh-hops, to remote hosts that do not have swbis nor RPM installed. swbis can translate an RPM package to a POSIX package in tar format with a single leading directory.

The package installer, swinstall, supports checkinstall preinsetall, and postinstall script execution. It uses the tar utiliy for file loading. It creates a de-facto installed software catalog in the file system using directories and text files that store and preserve the package GPG signature in a form that can be later verified using the 'gpg' utility.


Date Version Download Information
2005-10-03 0.463 swbis-0.463.tar.gz

Bug fixes for swpackage. Fixes for RPM translation.

2005-05-22 0.455 swbis-0.455.tar.gz

Minor bug fixes. Compilation and build fixes for non-GNU/Linux platforms.

2005-05-09 0.446 swbis-0.446.tar.gz

Major feature enhancements. Now supports control script execution

The programs supplied with this package are:

Downloading Swbis

GNU Swbis releases can be found at SourceForge here. There is only one package to download that contains all source and documentation.


The README file from the source distribution is here

The manual is available online here

If you have found a bug in Swbis contact us to the e-mail address bug-swbis@gnu.org Or if you think that hasn't worked use the contact information found here. Return to GNU's home page.

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