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SXML is a tool to define and implement at same time a markup language. Given a document containing user defined tags and their definition a new document is produced. The new document is generated replacing the tags with their definition (it is possible to associate functions to tags). SXML supports the XML 1.0 syntax excluded entity support and documents' DTDs.

SXML can be used in several ways. With SXML it is possible to use XML now to define Web sites that are accessible by all browsers: the output will be standard HTML. At our department we mantain a lot of web sites using this tool. Another way to use SXML is as a module in a generation system: the system generates the SXML document that will be transformed in the target language. You can also write a document in your markup language and then compile it to different output languages. The capability of executing guile code, perl functions and shell commands in tags' definition make it possible to automate several tasks.

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